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Implementing a one-size-fits-all approach is not family-friendly nor are all parents simply being defiant or in a state of denial.

Parents First sees natural justice as entirely compatible with the interface of Articles 6 with 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights 1950, as generating positive and negative obligtions in order to protect the birth family's rights before, during and after care, placement and adoption proceedings via the family's  primary, displaced and residual rights.

As such we aim to encourage, guide and support parents and families through difficult times via guidance and referrals on to suitable specialist agencies and services - including through the legal process - both in private and public law, which can be notoriously difficult to navigate, given the current complex and mystified state of English and Welsh family law. 

Parents First advocates a strictly non-discriminatory approach and aim to assist parents from all backgrounds and all walks of life, irrespective of race, ethnicity, religion and culture, based on safe parenting capacity only.

We disagree with ethnocentricity - that the dominant discourse should always be the discourse of the dominant, as in our multi-cultural, multi-faith society there clearly is room for different parenting styles, providing the child/ren are safely nurtured in a loving home, yet there is no room at all for bigotry, prejudice, racism, other forms of discrimination or social exclusion.


 Under certain circumstances Parents First may also be able to provide MacKenzie Friend and Advocacy services to assist unrepresented parents and families for Court Hearings. The same applies in terms of help completing forms for Applications to court for relief, effective remedy and just satisfaction, given the wide, extra powers conferred upon all Courts by the Human Rights Act 1998, in addition to those under the Children Act 1989.

We aim to support families - principally parents - in overcoming difficulties by promoting the need for good behaviour and developing core parenting skills in order to break bad habits, dysfunctionality, recidivism or any other impediment to safe, positive parenting to present in documentary form as evidence before a court if required. 

Parents First aims to support families who, with good cause, wish to challenge the excesses of social service departments or cafcass workers. 

Accordingly, we strongly disapprove of negative or bad behaviour of any kind by anybody. This is especially true if it may impact on a child and could jeopardise his or her safety, well-being or emotional development, in the short, medium or long-term, i.e. throughout his or her life. 

That this may occur at the hands of some parents is disturbing enough; but occurring at the hands of others, like foster-carers, and institutionally - through instances of bad practice by social workers, Cafcass workers and even judges; i.e. through
 not doing their jobs properly - is downright scandalous and marks a radical departure from any normative view of family law!



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