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.Parents First aims to provide a forum for parents including single parents to connect and interact with others who have experienced similar situations.

Going through divorce, separation or enduring social services intervention in your family is not easy-  on either parent/s or child/children. Experiencing domestic violence, abuse and/or deep upset and trauma - without proper support - often affects emotional stability and this tends to leave people feeling very down and even guilty, which in turn can lead to further problems like depression. It helps to soften the blow when you have someone to talk to, whom you can relate to and share experiences with. Parents First aims help bridge these gaps by offering support and referrals through such stressful and emotional times during upheavals in family life.

Initial research confirms that many people have difficulty expressing their inner thoughts and feelings when experiencing family breakdown;  could this be you? 

This may be due to a variety of reasons eventually causing us to shut down and to perform badly especially when others may be relying upon us the most.

Seeking and receiving the help that is suitable to an individual’s particular cultural background and individual circumstances can be difficult to find. Support is offered by Parents First which will help to enable you and your family to pick yourselves up, whilst developing confidence and self-esteem as well as coping strategies and techniques by learning of and inter-acting with people with similar life experiences as well as referrals onto more structured courses and/or therapy.

Parents First is here to make a difference.  We also invite parents from different cultural backgrounds who can offer an empathic ear, who are non-judgemental and who feel that it is time for change. We invite parents who are ready to stand up and fight for the cause of real family justice, especially where abbreviated short-cuts have been taken for courtroom expediency leaving families split apart instead of supporting them to stay together.

We will be working with and alongside other organisations to take forward your fight and to uphold your rights and will aim to provide Parents First members with a voice that's heard not gagged!

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