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Adoptions can be Undone - at least in theory by Law


Adoptions cannot ever be undone?

(... Except If Fraud or Deception Is Involved)

November 4 2006

Response to Daily Mail Article

Social workers & adoption charities believe that adoptions cannot ever be undone.

Not so! .......Adoptions achieved by FRAUD can be UNDONE 

There is though a certain 'mood music' that is oft repeated that seeks to instil in us all an acceptance that once an adoption has been agreed and legally commenced, it is not possible to overturn the decision and 'un-bundle' the adoption. This was repeated on a number of occasions by Margaret Hodge MP, when she was Children's Minister. Though Margaret Hodge being an ex-social worker, it is not surprising that she sings from the same hymn sheet. 

There is the principle of allowing to stand, a judicial decision based on fraud or seriously flawed evidence presented to the court by social workers/paediatricians 'public officials', who have been well paid for their activities and have used the court as a private fiefdom. In no other judicial system is it considered right for a judgement achieved by fraud or negligence, to stand. The Family Court is no different. 

Had the social workers and paediatricians given their evidence ( the same flawed evidence ) in an open court, the same criticism could not be levelled at them because the whole process would have complied with a system of justice that is concomitant with a seasoned democracy. It would be seen as regrettable but so what ? Many situations in life turn out unfairly, unfortunately. 

The Family Court has not an iota of saving grace. Those in this secret court have resorted to injunctions at the drop of a hat, they have been involved with imprisoning members of the public secretly, for seeking to alert the press and others to the conduct of the Family Courts. The full toll on members of the public, is not known.........It appears that just one of the huge number of senior judges has dared to confront those in the gulag and he is to be congratulated.........But what of the rest? And why has the Minister of State for Constitutional Affairs been silent and not taken some bold executive decision to stop further secret trials? 

One day they will write about this terrible shame. They will refer to Lord Justice Wall as 'the judge who was off with the fairies'. Who knew that innocent members of the public were having their families torn apart and he turned his head away. They will write of Justice Crichton in the same terms....And many others. ........In 2 days time we will remember Guy Fawkes. What a pity we are restrained people and only cast effigies on the bonfires. If truth be told; there is a disgraceful lot who have used the Family Courts to do their worst to ordinary innocent members of the public, get paid for it and get honoured in the official birthday celebrations. It is these who should be cast on the bonfires.......But only after an open court trial at which the press will report every detail and name every villain ......and his/her supporters.


Jack Frost


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